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Full Power
Fit Body

Live in your dream body - perfect shape, perfect health.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your interest in getting fitter and stronger.

In the group we guide people how to get in their ideal body weight without counting calories or intense exercise. We share with you immense knowledge on how to cleanse your body and stay disease free.

Our main focus is that you are able to maintain good eating habits and you weight permanently, that's why have this membership program where we help you iwth body mastery through diet and fasting and mental mastery through mind recoding!


We help you detox and rebuild your body through naturopathy, food and fasting.

We feel blessed to have you here on your body transformation journey.

What are the benefits of the 


  • Mental Clarity


  • Flat 50% off till 13th of June- Grab it at Rs Rs 888 instead of Rs 1776. Only 5 spots are left now.


  • We are starting the challenge on 18th June 2022.


  • The first webinar for preparation will be on Sunday 8pm. We will share the zoom link with you through the WhatsApp group you will be added to.


  • We will have sessions on 17th June, 19th June, 21st June and at 8pm IST / 10 30 am EST


  • We will share the guidelines for preparation, groceries and other details on the whatsap group.

  • Our coaches Justas and Kartika have experience of juice fasting for 100 days, 77 days and 60 days amongst other days. They have coached 100s of people to transform their health.


Srikant, Founder Lazy Man Kitchen

I had so much energy now and I am in my ideal weight- I couldn't stop dancing whenever I did the cleanses. 


Vishnu Vardhan, Founder Gaia

I have never felt such deep bliss in my body, all my cells feel rejuvenated. I feel now I konw how to treat and feed my body.


Kavya, Founder Miss Mistique

I keep doing a juice fast every now and then whenever I feel I need to cleanse my system, I totally love it!! Thank you for teaching mehow to fast!

Vishnu Vardhan, Video Testimonial

Membership Details 

Zoom Call every Wednesday 8PM IST

  1. Body Challenges every month

  2.  for 3-5 days or more

  3. Video Recording of all weekly webinars

  4. Food Recipe

  5. Food Journal Pdf

  6. Meditation Tape

  7. Vizualization Tape

  8. Habit Buddy for staying on track 

and everything else you need to stay in your best shape and health!

Coach : Kartika Dubey

I healed my contagion molluscum skin infection within the first few days of juice fasting - I was dealing with it for 8 months. I started my youtube channel on my juice fast because I had so much mental clarity, creativity and energy.

I am a Full Power coach, I have done 60 days of juicing and many short fasts. I have coached 100s of people on their heath journey. I am fruitarian living off the grid creating a food forest. 

Find out more about us on :

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Coach : Justas Valancauskis

I have done 100 days, 77 and 60 days on juices. I have done multiple short juice fasting. For last three years I have been coaching 100s of people for their body transformation. 


I have helped hundreds of people to loose weight, heal different conditions and experience true health
At the moment working with growing food forest and coaching in weight loss, holistic health and spiritual growth

Find out more about us on :

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