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Get to know the teacher & practices used to upgrade your mind and life.

Coaching Methodology

Kartika Dubey uses breathing exercises, core beliefs transformation through affirmations and self- hypnosis, movement therapy, releasing fear and traumas, forgiveness, subconscious mind reprogramming, inculcating self love and faith and meditation for achieving your goals. The goals can be increasing self worth, releasing stress, anxiety, depression, improving health, relationships & prosperity. She specialises in subconscious mind reprogramming, inculcating self love and worth. When we work on self love other areas of live enhance automatically. Self love also leads to releasing stress, anxiety and fear. She helps you get the get the power of your mind through her practices.


Plan You Can Stick To With Constant Support Through One on One Call

In a monthly package there are  one to one sessions 45 minutes sessions twice a week along with everyday chat support. The programs start with one month package and goes on up-till a year or more. With the constant guidance and support through calls and messages one can stick to new practices and heal themselves. Though a free call you can get to the teacher and understand if the one to one coaching program practices & methodology suit you. Get to know more about the one to one program here

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