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We bow down and humbly bow down, to the true you. The true you that lives inside your body. The true essence of your atman, your true self. We bow down and we honor that and as we bring our hands together and as we look at you, we see that true you through your eyes and into your soul.


Gaia Forest Retreat

Gaia Forest Retreat is a 3 days spiritual retreat in Palani hills, 1.5 hours away from Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu. The retreat would include digital detox, vipasana meditation, mud bath, movement therapy, reiki massage, subconscious reprogramming, creative vizualisation, art therapy, gardening, connecting with nature and a lot of fun and love. Scroll down to find details.

The objective of the retreat is to quieten the mind and rejuvenate the soul by following spiritual, physical and mental practices - holistic healing and connecting with nature. 

Nature heals us, the place is deep in nature, off the grid and completely disconnected from civilisation. The idea of the retreat is to  harmonise ourselves and vibrate in love through healing practices. 

The retreat is limited to 8 people only which will provide special attention for each participant. Its advisable to arrive one day before in the evening and leave on the morning of the day after the last day of retreat.


Our next scheduled retreat is starting on the 4th of March. 

Dates of retreat :

4th March - 6th March 


You can also write to or call on 9019693862.

For groups we also organise retreats on customized dates. The number of participants is limited to maximum 8.

More details below.

Become a part of gaia expand love community

Digital detox

Energy & spiritual practices

Connect with Nature

& Nutrition

Digital detox retreat

There is no network in the retreat spot but only trees and nature. Need say more?

Energy & Spiritual Practices

This will include vipasana meditation, chi quong, yoga, movement and art therapy, ecstatic dancing, reiki massage, sleep mediation. Get to know more below.  

Connect With Nature

We have a forest in a hill completely away from the civilisation with caves and river around. The place is pristine. We have a permaculture farm where we are growing food. In the retreat we will be going for walks in nature, have mud baths and do some gardening as well to connect with nature.

Health Nutrition 

Experience eating the healthiest food on the planet. We provide raw vegan food along with some vegan cooked by Lithuanian chef with love and ingredients organically grown by him on the land , cooked on fire.

Spend a few days in expand love gaia family in the mountains

Man's chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of conciousness

- Neville Goddard


Amma Zamme 

This is our forest and farm space.

Experience the forest and farming life with us in a way that is welcoming and nurturing.

Find more videos of the place below. We have a You Tube and LBRY channel as well. 

We will explore nature in the retreat with mud baths, forest walks, checking out the river and caves as the time permits.

The stay is completely away from the civilisation in the raw forest where you can see the stars and merge with the sounds of the forest.


Spiritual & Energy Pratices

We will conduct a range of practices to recharge your soul

In the morning we will be doing breathing exercises, chi quong, yoga and vipasana meditation. During the day we will have mud bath and reiki massage session.


in the evening we will have affirmations,dance movement therapy, deep relaxation ans self hypnosis session.  


Health & Nutrition 

Learn nutrition, enjoy raw fruits and vegan food

Learn how to detox your body with juices. Enjoy nutritious raw food, and cooked vegan food.


We will have sessions where you can learn about food combinations, fasting and nutrition. We cook on fire to create and delicious experience for you. 


"Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives."

- Louise Hay


Dinesh, Founder ChimpHerbs
Find More Testimonials Below


Kartika Dubey

Life coach and Spiritual Teacher, Co-Founder Expand Love & Amma Zeme

Hi there! I'm Kartika, a certified life coach, yoga coach and dance movement therapist. I was at the brink of losing my self when I discovered self-love through Louise Hay, a well known teacher. I turned my life upside down through cosistent use of affirmations. I completely self-healed my severe anxiety through self-awareness, different spiritual and psychological techniques.

For the last 4 years, I have been teaching people how to dive into their higher self. In the past, I have organized numerous spiritual and healing festivals in India and Vietnam. I conduct inner child healing courses in India both offline and online.

I'm living off the grid in a forest in South India growing a food forest and looking forward to being completely self-sustainable for all my energy needs. I eat only raw vegan food and live barefoot.

You can find my videos and story on Expand Love Youtube and LBRY channel. In an endeavor to give back to human conciousness I started Expand Love as an initiative to spread freedom and love through different projects.


Justas Valancauskis

Health coach and Perma-culture farmer, Co-Founder Gaia & Amma Zeme

Justas is a health enthusiast from Lithuania with unique experience in many different aspect of life. He traveled many countries and worked many different jobs, ate many different foods and studied extent of different subject. When he was 16 he realized that he did not know much about himself or the world which propeled him to increased curiosity about health, body, conciousness and the world in general. He spent countless hours investigating and searching for the truth. The truth about how the world and everything in it works. As soon as he got the oportunity to get some different experience or learn something different, he took it. Books, movies, documentaries, jobs, travel or deep conciousnes explorations are all the tools for Justas to interact with the world, understand it better and have the best life possible while encouraging others to do the same. Many experiences went past him each more valuable than the other but what stuck till the present day is food journey, fasting, permaculture and love to nature. At present he is planting a food forest in south India, working on obtaining optimal health through holistic healing and helping other people heal and enjoy their lives in the highest levels. He has experience of 100, 77 and 60 days of living on nothing but fresh juices. Other experiences of water and dry fasting shorter durations. He is also one of the founders of Gaia Expanding Conciousness decentralized community. Justas is self thought in Diet, Yoga, Permaculture, Qi Gong, Tao and is a firm believer that nature is his best teacher.


Vishnu Vardhan

Spiritual Coach, Co- Founder Gaia & Amma Zeme

Born into an army family, impermanence has been the way of life for Vishnu since birth, never living in one place for more than a couple of years. Constantly travelling from the very beginning of life gave him an appreciation and interesting perspective on how people organise themselves. He was curious about the nature of reality and the purpose of life from a very early age, his brothers death at age 19 made these questions a lot more prominent and were a foundation for him to break away from the norm. Like others of his age he did do his engineering and higher studies but the internal drives and burning questions were nothing like his peers. He worked his way through investment banking and PepsiCo and finally ended up in corporate training were he worked with companies across the board. What he saw was not happy successful people, he saw financially successful people who had reached positions that we have been taught to aspire for as children, yet most of these people were deeply unsatisfied and a bit hollow on the inside. He left the corporate world and moved to the mountains of South India were he co-founded the gaia family, a decentralised community along with his friends. Since then he has had a deeply transformative effect on a whole lot of people. We are immensely grateful to have him in our lives and bless him that he continues to shine his light and share his energy with the world




Reet, Student

Its been more than a month that I am doing affirmations and listening to the tape I learnt from Kartika and I can say that I can feel some changes in me like I am more calm and less panicky now. There are no sleepless nights and it has also increased my level of patience. Unfortunately, i couldn't catch up with fasting but that too I will try doing 

I also want to thank you for bringing out these changes in me and helping me to be a better version of myself, the aim I had when I first interacted with you. Please keep doing what you are doing because you are really superb in it. 

Lots of love. 


Vinay, Designer

"Being on your forest farm was an experience I could never have imagined, nor have been ready for... It was awesome... And you're awesome Justas... Thanks so much." 


Shree Kanth, Marketer

Vishnu is my Guru. I have never felt such unconditional love in anyone's company. He transformed my light with his teachings, support and practices. 

Some videos of the place for you


written by Kartika


The retreat is 6000Rs per person. The stay is tent stay in the forest with composting tree house toilet. Exact location will be sent on your email and phone number. 

Please carry warm clothes and sleeping bag if available.

Please note :

No outside food.

No feeding pets and other animals.

No mistreatment of any animals.

No drugs.

Questions? We’re here to help.
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