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Well-being your way 
Heal Health Retreat
Auroville,  Pondicherry India - 2wice Monthly

How do you feel? Before you answer, consider what it means to feel “well.” Health is something that goes beyond the physical. True health is a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Let's Grow Together!

Inspired by the ancient Naturopathy and yoga to stimulating the natural ability of the body to heal itself through food, movement, meditation and breathwork, takes place at a "playground of well-being” at the Auroville- Pondicherry beach. 


After completing your Mind-Body workshops and experiencing a living vegan detox diet and restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation- we’ll provide customized lifestyle and health recommendations based on your specific needs. 


Through daily meditation and yoga, educational sessions and workshops, and a multi-step detoxification process to aid in the release of toxins, you’ll learn how to take a life-changing, well-rounded approach to your well-being that will last long after the retreat is over. 

You will get a personalized detox program, diet, breath work and yoga that you can follow for a healthy and fit body at home.


You will also become part of an online well being community so that you have accountability and support after the program to integrate your healing into your daily lifestyle. 

Citrus Fruits


Enjoy the benefits of nourishing, naturopathic plant-based food that allow the release of toxins and regenerate the cells. Balance your mind and body through daily restorative yoga and breathwork sessions. 


Tap into the power of Primordial Sound Meditation, our signature practice relying on personalized mantras to cultivate calm, compassion, and clarity. Meet one-on-one with a physician trained in Ayurveda to develop a personalized wellness plan.

Citrus Fruits


Interact with fellow attendees throughout the day. Learn to listen to your body by learning about the 5,000-year-old holistic healing system of Ayurveda in daily sessions, and discover how it can help you maintain healthy habits after the retreat. And enjoy personal downtime reflecting in nature.

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